Group Sp. z o.o. is a shareholder of the following companies:
BusinessClick is the first contextual advertising business network in Europe.

Thanks to the advanced technology and cooperation with the economic, business, financial and legal services of the highest quality, the Advertisers have guarantee that their advertising message will get through to a very attractive, well-educated and wealthy group of potential clients. holds 100% of shares in the company. was set up in 2006. Primarily it was meant to be a professional sales and marketing blog.

In November 2007, however, we decided to change its design and started moving it slightly towards a comprehensive web portal. In 2007 and 2008 the portal was awarded WebstarFestival prizes for "Business/politics blog". It also won Grand Webstar prize for best website of 2008.

Apart from being a specialized blog, also covers up-to-date Polish and international market news with comprehensive articles and interviews. Additionally, it presents the most interesting websites designed by interactive agencies in "Webskie Strony". holds 100% of the portal's shares.

Legalsupport Company provides the legal portal

It is a brand of modern legal information services. It assists both individual clients and small and medium-size companies in solving their every day problems. is the largest service on the Polish Internet, which provides an 'Ask the lawyer' service, whose unique feature is a guarantee of quick reply "Question today - answer today". holds 100% of shares in the company. is an Internet communications platform for service providers and their clients.

The portal presents an innovative approach to service trade on the Internet and enables the service providers to effectively present their offers and the clients to easily find services they are interested in. holds 70% of shares in the company.

Business Ad Network (BAN) is a network of Internet advertising.

BAN is an alliance of premium content publishers, which are leaders in 'business-finance-law' category in the Polish Internet.


According to Megapanel Gemius/PBI research,
in March 2013 Group websites were visited
by 4.87 million real users.

Once again won the Internet Now contest. The portal was recognized as the best financial website in the Polish Internet!