Advertising applies specialist ad server systems that host advertisements, which allows for precise targeting of each advertisement. We offer the following services in the scope of advertising:
1. running advertisements with taking into account the following criteria: weekday, time, IP number, domain, type and version of browser and operating system,
2. capping, i.e. limiting the number of presentations of a given advertisement to a given Internet user, allows for defining the maximum number of page views of each advertisement form for a given target group. This operation noticeably influences the improvement of advertising campaign effectiveness.
The advertising on gives you the possibility of reaching the owners and managers of small, medium, and big enterprises who use the Internet every day both at work and at home.
  • means:
    • The biggest financial vertical portal in Poland
    • Professional news sites
    • The most dynamic financial and transactional platform which gives the Internet users the possibility of online purchase of financial products and services
    • Over 70 million page views a month
    • About 6,13 million unique users a month [acc. to Gemius Traffic, July 2012]
    • Numerous loyal users and rapidly growing number of new clients
    • The best financial service sale channel on the Polish Internet
    • Flexibility of planning promotional campaigns - we have a comprehensive range of promotional tools and we are open to new forms of communication with clients
    • The main source of information for over 275 thousand subscribers of e-mail newsletters prepared and sent on a daily basis.
  • Advertising offer

    We offer various on-site promotional tools - from standard banners and buttons to advanced layer solutions and full-screen advertisements. We have a wealth of experience and an individual attitude to each client and therefore we can plan and lead such an advertising campaign which will best satisfy your needs. Our flexibility in the scope of advertising campaigns means offering unique solutions and the possibility of price negotiation!

    Advertising space can be purchased in the selected sections only, which ensures precise targeting of an advertisement and the maximum effectiveness with minimum costs.

    Available sections:

    • Homepage
    • Economy
    • Money
    • Stock Exchanges
    • Banks
    • Funds
    • Pension
    • Taxes
    • Insurance website is dedicated to small and medium enterprises
We would like to provide the representatives of this market segment with free access to detailed information concerning all areas related to running business activity, including the integration in the European Union and the chances resulting therefrom for Polish entrepreneurs.

In this way the whole knowledge concerning small and medium enterprises in Poland is included in one website, which is something unique on the Polish Internet.

Simultaneously, we can offer you advertising space which ensures that decision-makers among the representatives of Polish small and medium enterprises are reached effectively.

Available sections:

  • Legal acts
  • Calculators and indices
  • Forms and documents
  • I establish a company
  • Everything about leasing
  • EU grants
  • Tenders
  • Find a company, tax office, branch of the Social Insurance Institution, court
  • Business trips


New section on website is a high quality magazine for managing staff and all those who value fine style at work and after it.
Polish managers can find here interesting information concerning new trends not only in management and marketing. We also describe inspiring stories about the leaders in Polish economy, interviews with interesting people working in Polish banking sector, and the histories of the best Polish and foreign brands.

It also includes the database of Polish business people providing information about managers as well as some titbits from their lives. It is worth knowing who is who in the Polish business environment!

Majority of the website deals with the lifestyle. Fine style is equally important at work and after it and therefore we present the latest trends in fashion, sports, technology and automotive industry.

Available sections:

  • Homepage
  • Strategies
  • People
  • Career
  • Portfolio
  • Lifestyle
  • Hi-Tech website concerning automotive industry is addressed to all people and entities interested in automotive issues and provides everyday industry-specific information, operation hints and advice, current prices, and information relevant to entrepreneurs having company fleets and entrepreneurs using cars in their business activity.

Available advertising sections:

  • Homepage
  • Fleet
  • New cars
  • Used cars
  • News
  • Publications
  • Car prices
  • Gallery
  • Opinions about cars
  • Tyres.

According to Megapanel Gemius/PBI research,
in March 2013 Group websites were visited
by 4.87 million real users.

Once again won the Internet Now contest. The portal was recognized as the best financial website in the Polish Internet!