Business on the Internet, a book by two experts from Tomasz Bonek and Marta Smaga, published by Wolters Kluwer under the patronage of is coming out today. It is dedicated to people starting off their careers in e-business.

It is a guide to promoting, selling and building the image of brands, companies, products and people on the Internet which is developing the fastest of all media. The authors describe the key on-line tools and give advice on putting them into practice. It is done in a clear and comprehensible manner, without overusing the computer jargon.

- PR and marketing managers and directors can use it to teach their specialists, academic teachers to teach their students, marketing consultants to teach their clients. Every entrepreneur, who is not present online yet, can use it to learn step by step what to do to appear on the Internet successfully. The authors contributed their experience in creating tools, market expertise and awareness of pitfalls of e-marketing to writing a compendium that is indispensable to every person starting off on the Internet- this is how Rafa³ Skwiot, ,Marketing and PR Board of Management Representative at Nasza Klasa reviews the book.

-It is our aim to instruct the readers in building company image on the Internet straight away. We advise them on online selling and effective advertising as well as explain how to promote a brand in Google search engine- says Marta Smaga.

- We also explain when it is worthwhile to promote oneself in social media which are very fashionable nowadays. Also, we estimate how much online advertising costs and describe what factors to concentrate on while planning advertising campaigns- adds Tomasz Bonek.

The authors have already started working on the next parts of the book. Business on the Internet is available at stores, such as Empik, from today.


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