iWoman is the first lifestyle magazine in Money.pl Group. Its readers are active, modern, independent women. It is a unique magazine with original content and comments on current subjects focused on females.


iWoman is a website for women who are constantly looking for new paths of development and self-improvement. They can find them in interviews with women who, just like themselves, never cease to search for new challenges. We write about women who take part in unconventional projects to make their dreams come true and achieve their goals. We want their stories to be the inspiration to our readers who - already fulfilled and satisfied - are still pursuing new ways to become even more perfect.

iWoman also offers subjects which will interest every woman, regardless of her passions and hobbies. Apart from runway coverages, astrology or health and beauty advice, you can read cultural information or even MOTO section, which presents motorization from woman's perspective.

The website was created in 2009. It has been both a woman's magazine and also a social platform- its integral part is blogosphere, which is a place to express and exchange opinions as well as to make new friends.

Its managing editor is Adriana Tronina.




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in March 2013 Money.pl Group websites were visited
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