Market Money consists of a rich offer of financial products, buying in three easy steps and intuitive tools. Our new portal is a platform with financial products, specialists' advice and analyses.


Not only is a moneysaver, it is also a timesaver. The users are provided with access to a wide range of financial products, such as loans, bank accounts and inscurance without leaving their house or office. What is more, they can filter and compare them the way they want. The platform offers many user-friendly and intuitive tools, thanks to which making the final decision is easy and quick- you can buy something in three steps only. offers also multichannel support of our advisors.


According to Megapanel Gemius/PBI research,
in March 2013 Group websites were visited
by 4.87 million real users.

Once again won the Internet Now contest. The portal was recognized as the best financial website in the Polish Internet!