is the last but not least lifestyle magazine in Group. It is a website about luxury, which will interest both demanding and well-off readers as well as users aspiring to belong to this group. We provide luxury-enthusiasts with inspiration and ideas what to spend big money on.


In we present luxury in its most exclusive form. We show you the most expensive brands, the most conspicuous names, newest trends, luxurious news and high class art, to name but a few.

We write about everything connected to luxury - we will not only show you how to spend money, but also how to do it with style. We present role models and fascinating charity projects. We write about prestigious social events as well as sport in its most exclusive disciplines, such as golf and sailing. was introduced in 2010. Its managing editor is Paulina Pacuła.


According to Megapanel Gemius/PBI research,
in March 2013 Group websites were visited
by 4.87 million real users.

Once again won the Internet Now contest. The portal was recognized as the best financial website in the Polish Internet!